WordPress Long-term Support Templates

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Enhance your story experience, by leveraging the power of Longform WordPress Theme, built especially for telling great stories. It is the only free WordPress theme fully compatible with the Aesop Story Engine.

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Create a Custom Page Template in WordPress
Mariam Bassett

Unfortunately, several WordPress themes restrict users from altering layouts and functionality for a different page in the hierarchy. WordPress custom page template allows users to integrate custom requirements such as right/left sidebar on a particular page, an additional call-to-action functionality, or maybe a unique header for a particular landing page. Let’s dive in further to see how WordPress custom page template display different type of content.

Long Term WordPress Support
Billie Kelly

Our team of specialists will support your wordpress website and provide additional help to secure your files forever. Whether it’s a wordpress blog with high traffic or a shopping store with bunch of items, we help to optimize and support your wordpress website, higher up security and grow sales. We are truly committed to our customers and to their success and we understand that problems can and will arise. Therefore our team provides wordpress support maintenance services including 24/7 security monitoring, plugin maintenance, performance tuning, malware check. Customers will gain the benefits of using wordpress as a platform for their site without having to worry about constantly updating plugins because of security concerns, you will have peace of mind of having someone look after your site backups and health monitoring.

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