Woomotiv – Woocommerce Sales Notifications WordPress Plugin

Stephnie Edward

Absolutely no configuration needed! yes, Woomotiv comes pre-configured. No need to connect your Woocommerce store with a backend platform like other plugins require. Just install it and let it do its magic.

Jennefer Gunderson

Support » Plugin: Woomotiv – Woocommerce Sales Notifications | Live Sales Popups

Kami Mcalister

Notification for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce extension that helps you create social proof about a busy store. The plugin displays recent orders on a pop-up, with information about customer name, address, purchased items, product image, purchased time. You can set up to display recent WooCommerce orders. Or if your store is new and there are not many things to show, you can create virtual orders to display from a list of customer names, addresses and selected items. By displaying orders on front-end the plugin will create a social proof of a busy store with many customers and orders. Creating a sense of urgency for visitors, urge them to purchase products. Also by select products to display, you can introduce your new products.

Daniel Cole

Sales Notification for Woocommerce is a plugin to show your recent orders on your website with name, location, product name. It will help to boost your sales. You can show the notification on all the pages. It allows you set the limit of recent ordersalso.

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