Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin
Carita Wester

You can use these shortcodes anywhere and multiple times according to your requirement. Plugin is customizable and also comes with custom CSS option that allows you to tweak it to fit-in your needs. With the help of Instagram Feed Gallery plugin, you can import multiple galleries from different Insa accounts to your website or blog.
Lyla Rutherford

Setting up the right sources is not the only way to shape your gallery. After all, each source might have images that you don’t want to see on your website. To avoid that, we have provided you with two filters – Except and Only. Filter Except removes images by specific criteria from your feed. So if you’re using a hashtag as the source, you can set one or several usernames to filter Except field, and the images posted by these usernames will be removed from the gallery. Filter Only makes sure that only the images that meet the specified criteria make it into your feed. For instance, if you set a username as the source, you can set a hashtag to filter Only field, and in this case your feed will only display the user’s images tagged with the specified hashtag. These are just a couple of examples of most common use-cases. You’re free to experiment, and to find the one that suits you best, and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy it!

8 Best WordPress Instagram Plugins 2019
Lahoma Wyatt

While the free Instagram plugins have a lot to offer, by paying just $19 you can do a whole lot more with your Instagram integration using this plugin. With the latest version of this plugin, you get even more options for how your photos are presented. One new option is the improved Instagram carousel mode. With this feature, multiple images can be displayed on one post using a slider format. You can also imitate the native Instagram user experience by activating the pop-up gallery mode on your website. When a user clicks on a photo, this feature displays the content on your site in the same way they are on the Instagram website.

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