Hotel Booking Engine WordPress Plugin
Val Lankford

The Redforts Oscar Hotel Booking Engine Plugin is a complete 3 step booking engine that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website.
So, start today and receive commission free direct bookings and have all the information managed from one place.
As it is fully integrated with the Oscar All-In-One Hotel Software Solution, there is no need to create a database and set availabilities and prices in the plugin.
All that information is drawn from the Oscar system. So, just sit back and relax and let Oscar handle things for you.
Anika Mcarthur

This WordPress booking system was developed for hotel and vacation rental owners, B&B hosts, real estate agencies, and anyone in the lodging sector of the hospitality industry. Hotel Booking is a standalone plugin that will help you create a stunning rental property website with any WordPress theme and switch it with peace in mind if needed.
Kerrie Friedman

Avirato Hotels Online Booking Engine works as follows:
– Activating the plugin will create a new table in the WordPress database.
– By entering your access codes, a search will be generated in the Avirato database that will return your personalised calendar and store it in the body of your page.
– Placing the shortcode in the structure of your page will have the calendar visible, and you will be able to customise the type and styles of it using the options of the plugin.
Leta Elmore

eZee Online Booking Engine is an Online Booking System that provides multiple layout interfaces which suites to individual business needs with minimum click count booking process. Guests can easily find room, rate and next button with real time availability and flexibility on individual & group booking from their smart phones and tablets. Generate higher revenues by allowing your guests to access special offers, promo codes for special rates and ability to do group bookings.

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