Hiking & Camping Tours WordPress Theme

10 Best Camping WordPress Themes for Hiking & Travel Sites
Homer Doyle

The landing page template features a fully responsive design, so your page visitors will not be restricted by screen size. The template also uses the modern and trendy Parallax animation effect, which adds the feeling of depth and movement to your page. We also appreciate the Lazy Load effect. The way Lazy Load works is by loading content that is immediately visible and waiting to load content lower on the page as you scroll. This will help reduce load time and lag. Create a new look for this page by editing fonts, and rest assured that however you build your landing page, it will look and perform great on any type of modern web browser.

SummerTour – Hiking WordPress theme
Cedric Summers

The theme comes with an integrated appointment booking form which allows your hiker to book their trip online. You can create a various hiking trip or tour with a particular time and date and charge them according to the trip. It will save the time and give flexibility to the client.

TrackCamp – The Camping WordPress Theme
Lonnie Conner

Main Services Area: Convey the key specialities of your camping organization. Here are three columns of text fields that will present the main features of your camping organization. You can give an overview of things that tell your specialities. So think of important things that matter for the passionate campers, tell them the how you can make their adventurous trip an awesome experience.

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