GutenBerg – Beer Pub and Brewery WordPress Theme

12+ Brewery WordPress Themes for Breweries, Pubs, and Homebrewers
Shawanda Brandenburg

The Beerhouse WordPress theme is a great choice for those brewery and bar brands that want a more colorful, playful look. The fully responsive theme gives your customers a chance to check-in on promotions, events, and specials, all through the comfort of their mobile devices. This theme is easy to use and customize and it has colorful elements that you can change to meet your own branding needs. The powerful admin panel lets you customize the movement-based slider presentation since it allows you to add high-resolution images, overlaying text, and buttons. All of these elements are ideal for sending people to other pages on your website since you can grab their attention from the start and keep the traffic flowing to other, more important parts of the site. The logo sits to the left side of the header, while the menu is located just to the right. Include a tag line towards the top of the homepage and talk about your heritage using beautiful images and descriptions of your journey to becoming a company. Your story can also be highlighted on the blog since the theme has a recent posts widget for distributing your content.

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