Alexandra Wagner

Masonry is also a great layout to show your photos and it positions the image in vertical space. Masonry layout is also a popular layout of them in the gallery. You can also set the spacing between photos and the column size.
Masonry is responsive it sets images according to the device width.
The term Masonry layout probably owes its name to the popular jQuery Masonry plugin that is used to generate this type of layout. Masonry layout is also referred to as the Pinterest Style Layout, as was the first major website to use this layout style.
Animated gallery masonry is a grid layout based on columns. Unlike other grid layouts, it doesn’t have fixed height rows. Basically, the Masonry layout optimizes the use of space inside the web page by reducing any unnecessary gaps. Without this type of layout, certain restrictions are required to maintain the structure of the layout.
Developers and designers are accustomed to seeing web pages laid out with CSS floats. But this common type of layout doesn’t take the size of the elements into consideration. Instead, it adds elements one after another, first in the horizontal direction, then vertically.
Heidy Nesbitt

This plugin shows our Album of feed on any page with an eye catchy animated layout. It is a fully responsive HTML & JS based WordPress plugin. Animated Live Wall has beautiful animation for gallery objects, which makes it different from other portfolio or gallery plugins. The animated live wall can create animated switching photos with CSS animation like fade, scale, hide show with a specific time interval.

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