33 Channel WordPress Theme

Kurt Cannon

Introducing With this Media WordPress theme you will be able to launch a fully-featured media portal in no time. It is well optimized for displaying videos, photos and other media content. This theme supports four different gallery types Accordion, Isotope, Slider and Carousel, a capacious menu that allows to display a large number of categories using less space, ghost buttons, Google Map, and much more. Built with Bootstrap, it grants full compatibility with modern browsers and 100 responsiveness, offering great usability and fresh modern look at the same time.

33 TV Channel WordPress Themes
Cyril Moe

The TV Channels come with the full functionality support that will allow you to broadcast live streaming of different news channels to your viewers. TV Channels WordPress Themes have already proved to be very suitable in promoting your TV channels activity. With the above themes you will be able to customize it to best fit your desires. With the responsive layout and flexible ability that this WordPress Themes offers to the users, you will always find your viewers stack to your channels.

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